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Seagal's higher ranked students (1st kyu & up ?) apparently deal with multiple kick and punch attacks on regular basis.

He allows kicking and punching during randori as well, although apparently most people stick to grabbing and trying to drag down and immobilize the guy.

This tape has the most REAL randori footage I've ever seen. That is how I want my shodan test to be (many, many years from now).
They just run at the poor nage with all their might, no games or favors here.

Seagal's Aikido is very fast, like lightning.

For me, the tape is a blast. At the times when I am frustrated and my spirits are down, I pop in the tape.

There's several demonstrations of Seagal dealing with punches and kicks, most of the footage is indoors, but there's also outdoors seminar footage, where he does some hilarious randori demonstrations (for some reason I kept cracking up during his kokyunages).

There's also some footage of him dealing with really fast knife attacks...

Some footage from his classes ..
And the tape ends with a bunch of his stuff set to "techno music" as what they call it.
There's a couple of slowdowns thrown in to go with the music.
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