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Re: Poll: How realistic is doing a physically effective aikido technique with only on

Drew Gardner wrote: View Post
Clark Sensei, you may not wish to discuss it due to your USMC code of honor, but were there any major similarities between Marine combat training and Aikiwaza?
Mr. Gardner, I haven't addressed you personally in a number of years. I have absolutely no idea how you might have any real, personal experience with my "USMC code of honor" that gives you a reason to bring something like that up in association with the question you asked. Some of my USMC "sensibilities", however, become hyper-sensitive when I read many of your posts. By the way, from my experience over the years reading your posts, I agree with and congratulate you that you made a very good decision when you didn't show up for an appointment to the Air Force Academy.

In answer to your question, yes, there are a number of similarities between USMC combat training and Aikiwaza.


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