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garry cantrell
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Re: Poll: How realistic is doing a physically effective aikido technique with only on

I interpreted the question to refer to intances wherein uke grabs the index finger of nage - and nage responds with ikkyo. I've done it that way lots, but never thought anyone was advocating that approach as anything other than a training exercise (it's pretty obvious pretty quickly when you're leading with just your finger and you're doing it wrong). So, my first thought was, no, it's not realistic at all. BUT, should someone grab your index finger (I'm immediately reminded of 3rd grade fart jokes "here! pull my finger!") I guess you don't have any choice now do you? Whaddarya going to do? Give up because your attacker has used a stupid attack? "I'm sorry, please release my finger and utilize a serious attack." So, I changed my answer to positive.
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