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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
I'm quite aware of what the translation says. My point is that you are arguing off of translated terms that are idiomatically imprecise. If I was translating Ueshiba's words in this case, I, too, would use "non-resistance", but if I was arguing whether something was counter to his words or not, I'd use his actual words, not a translation.

Source? If its from Second Doshu's "Aikido" why don't you post the original of the quoted translation and we can all parse it? I do not not have access to a Japanese version of the text.
Ueshiba's words, from the Seibukan website:


If you need more convincing I'll happily stop off at the library today, pick up the Japanese edition of "Morihei Ueshiba and Aikido", and quote Ueshiba's interview directly.

All of these terms mean "resist" or "resistance" in varying connotations closer to the sense that Pranin's translation used in English. I have no idea which was used in the interview transcript
Then don't argue from "what Osensei said", because you don't know what he said, only what it was translated as. Arguing from someone's words is a tricky enough business among native speakers of that person's language. Adding translated words only muddies the waters further.

Who did?
I guess you responded to that before clicking on my link...

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