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Latin and Kanji

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
I think we should start using english terminology, then add the japanese terms as we do them. As a bi-lingual custom of politeness, it would be an additional encouragement for those who wish to grasp the cultural crossover.
I agree that a more "literal language" would encourage better transmission, but there are two arguments that stand in the way that I cannot as yet reconcile and come to full agreement with you.
1. Japanese has first dibs. What language are we going to replace it with that would translate the same and be accepted worldwide? A dead scientific language like Latin would be great, but we would still have to learn Latin.
2. Japanese has kanji, which contain all sorts of nuance and supplies a rich undercurrent to understanding the techniques. Granted, most practitioners are not using the kanji, but if serious, generally pay attention to it when trying to penetrate some problem, get further insight, etc.
Reconcile those points to a worldwide audience, and you will be on to something.

Jim Vance
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