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Some aikido thoughts

1. I turn and something happens. It begins. I do not have to think.

2. Standing still. All is perceived. I am at attention, relaxed and calm.

3. Ready….already moving. We blend.

4. I see the whole picture. My center responds.

5. Uke and nage. Together we are Aikido.

6. Blending, blending, always blending.

7. Keep a supple mind and then let it go.

8. Correct distance. Again.

9. We bow and then we bow and then we bow again.

10. Arrogance and then humility both make me who I am.

11. Tenkan. The world looks different from your point of view.

12. Sun, blowing snow and wind chimes. This is the moment.

13. Shadows and light. Keep you center.

14. My center leaves. Ah..there it is.

15. Irimi. Now there is courage.

16. Close your eyes and see with your body.

17. Can you move like a leaf? Floating to the ground.

18. Bend you knees.

19. Open your heart. The spirit of Aiki will enter.

20. Turn without disturbing uke.

21. A compliment or an insult. Neither matter…I am centered.

22. KERI!! My center is in my throat. I breath, and enter. After the throw my center has settled.

23. What if?... He should…. Will they? My minds races. I see a red bird in the hedgerow against the white snow. All is well.

24. Positive mind requires such discipline. The result of such discipline is wondrous.

25. Today I work for compassion and patience for myself and others.

26. Centered, I perceive uke. I move before he does.

27. Healing comes from energy and perseverance. One day we wake up and we are there.

28. Every uke is a gift.

29. What can I learn today?

30. By accepting uke's gifts and difficulties we learn to blend.

31. The sword is in my hands. Move my body.

32. No thoughts required.

33. Off balance feels delicious.

34. Nage moves so uke can blend.

35. Surrender as uke. Follow and blend.

36. Take nage's energy and enjoy your roll.

37. So many colors at the dojo shows the joy.

38. Feet move big and hands move small.

39. Turn and wait…have patience uke will show up.

40. When uke feels difficult, change what you can, You.

41. Teach what you know.

42. Nage, relax and lead.
43. Uke, relax and follow.
44. Every situation can benefit from a positive perspective.
45. Any resistance you feel is yours.
46. Always take care of your uke.
47. Mat awareness even when you are off the mat.
48. Turn and blend …ready for the next.
49. Even in your stillness……there can be motion.
50. Curl your wrist..start with your pinky.
51. Let your joy shine though.
52. Front rolls, back rolls…. each day, challenge yourself.

See ya on the mat,
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