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Bruce Baker
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lineage to O' Sensei/aikido?

There is only one definitve place to answer this question, and that is to ask Hombu dojo in Japan.

But ... even if the answer is yes or no, I believe it is the spirit of Aikido that changes something from a budo, to the Aiki that Ueshiba envisioned.

Just like it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but it is a different bird ... well ... is it done in the spirit of Aikido, or not?

As for lineage ... only the actual techniques can be traced as lineage, as their ability to properly work will be the test of time.

As for Chuck? You have much anger ... examine it, and find a way understand it.

Maybe you need the same lesson many western participants have from those older sensei in their 70s and 80s give to those who wish to learn ... three hours of uke, and you get a lesson like you are just beginner? Not me, I have seen others get this lesson. They came out of the room, humbled, and receptive to every lesson thereafter, even with forty years of practice.

I apologize for using this topic as a personal affront, but in my experience, the most advanced people are the most polite and friendly, on and off the training mat.
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