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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

Greetings Everyone,
This is my first post on here and as they say on talk radio, first time caller long time listener.

My impressions on this debate, and I've seen it covered on other forums, are that BJJ poses no greater threat to Aikido than does a well trained Wrestler or Judo practitioner. BJJ has just exploded in popularity especially with its effectiveness in the MMA, UFC, Pride fighting scene. That being said it can be and has been countered and effectively defeated by superior striking, counter attack, and effective take down defense. Like all styles it has its strengths and weaknesses. It is not all encompassing or monolithic nor do I believe that they think it is.

I think there is a certain amount of Aikido insecurity about this style out there, especially with outsiders or those new to the art(like myself), but maybe not with those well established in the art. Aikido has its own mystique and certainly its strengths and weaknesses as well. You can debate techniques and moves all you want but there are far too many variables to determine a winner or winning style, Roy said it best in that the only way to find out is to train for it. That is perhaps where some of this doubt or insecurity may arrise from, is that there are few Aikidoka who train for effective take down defense. (Maybe I'm wrong, please correct me if I am).

As a newbie, that is the one thing that I would suggest for this martial art, especially during Randori. Although I have seen dozens of impressive clips of Randori, I have yet to see even one attempt at a single or a double leg take down. IMHO your are doing yourself a huge injustice if you don't train for at least one or more opponents attempting to steal your center/movement by attacking your legs. In a real Budo situation it will happen.

Thank you for letting me join your wonderful forum.

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