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Lyle Bogin
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Re: Sport is the new Budo

"In modern sports you train physically to win a competition. In budo you train physically and spiritually for self-improvement. These are two different things."

There is a great deal of mental training in all sports, and many athletes take an approach that is holistic and includes the concept of self-improvement.

I think martial artists tend to want to differentiate and distance themselves from sport mostly because of fear or lack of understanding. Some how we wind up thinking that sport is some how base and degrading in the face of our more highminded "budo" concept. But from meeting hundreds of martial artists, and hundreds of athletes, I would say they are pretty well balanced as far as results (in terms of people who clearly care about personal development and have some self-knowledge).

If I train for personal development, and yet choose to compete, then what am I? A martial artist or an athlete?

If I train for competition and the lessons I learn help me grow as a person, then what am I?

Martial art and sport can be the same, and have the same origin.
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