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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

about once a month I get a new student who brings up the whole bite, scratch, gouge thing into the equation.

I say, okay, then I can do it too...right?

we then proceed to roll, slowly of course and i let them go down that path.

They quickly change their mind in a few seconds.

We forget that BJJ guys well play by the rules you establish....we have no issue with that. You want to do that, we will to. You want to stick, kick,...okay...i am game.

Those things cancel each other out, and the guy with the superior ground gain that can dominate and control is the guy that effectively makes use of those tools.

Matt I understand that you hate ground fighting and it may feel un-natural to you, however, if you consider this a viable threat and a fear that is important to conquer, then you owe it to yourself to learn it. You opponent will not care how you feel about it.

It was a very intimidating experience as a aikidoka the first time I went to the ground, I was a fish out of water and it was a huge hit to my ego to have to go back to ground zero.

2 years later, I love the ground. Like Don, I love to be grabbed now, I relish when you make contact with me.

I have learned to work in a tighter circle than aikido and I am learning now how to re-open back up that distance that I need to move again.

My advice is to learn ground grappling for what it is. Don't look at it as a complete answer to all fighting as it is not.

It is up to you to take your experiences and combine them into a game that works for you.

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