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Re: "Aikido is Misogi"

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Frankly I don't really understand why some of you extremely advanced guys hang out with those that don't get it, and probably never will.
Replace "internal skills" with "alive training", and I'm sure you'll get some kind of idea.

Despite a wide variety of interests, I think most people here are essentially like-minded. Whether aikido in specific or martial arts in general, people post here because they want to share their ideas, and help those with less experience on their way. Some people, they aren't going to change their minds. But there are a vast number, the silent majority, who might still be open to other ideas, or undecided on some of these major cruces.

When someone posts things to the effect that "Competition is bad for aikido" or "Just practicing the techniques in kata is enough to become martially effective," or "BJJ/MMA are just ego-driven sports, with no real connection to budo or the real world", I'm sure you are compelled to respond. Even though the subject has been beat to death. Because such ideas run directly counter to your own experiences, and what you feel is good for aikido and the martial arts. And so you speak up, and post. Why? I'm sure for the same reason Mike, Rob, et al post when someone suggests things counter to their own experiences, and what they feel is good for aikido and the martial arts.

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