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Re: Aikido vs Brazilian Jujutsu

You want a real answer? go to a BJJ dojo and see how you fair against one of their well trained students. BTW, they consider a well trained student to be a purple, brown, or black belt...but roll with a blue belt just the same.

Then come back and tell us of your experiences and impressions. Then we will have something to talk about!

Step One: will find is two different paradigms in study that don't superficially match up well. Inevitiably you will find yourself playing by their rules the way BJJ is trained, is more conducive for non-compliant, safe, alive training. It that situation, most aikido people will find themselves being owned.

Step two, Dissonance sets in. You then throw the multiple opponent, no rules, no weapons, card on the table and in your mind you dismiss all the new experiences of getting owned as not being realistic or very smart.

Step three: you come back to aikiweb and say that they are playing with rules, you could not use groin shots, eye gouges, atemi, or weapons, and that it would change things if you could.

Both BJJ and AIkido have good elements in them. Most find that they work very, very well together.

Look through the search feature, or I assume you have already been to other websites that debate this topic so you have seen all the arguments.

I recommend looking past them, and stop the comparison.

the core question is this: What do you want to be able to do with your training?

Aikido and BJJ offer some very good things.
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