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Re: Love, Ego, and Learning

Lynn Seiser wrote:

Our major choice it to have love or fear, but you can't have both.
You reminded me here of something I've been keeping tucked away. In the movie Donnie Darko, a schoolteacher and a motivational speaker, both of weak character, promote an idea that all of human emotion can be divided into the polar extremes of fear and love. Because the viewer feels compelled to strongly dislike the two characters, an association is made that makes me want to think, F-them and all they believe. This creates conflict in me because I agree with that concept! The easily liked protagonist challenges the idea in a bold manner. I cheer him for not simply being "another brick in the wall," but I lose respect for him because he can't keep himself in check in the process. Granted, he struggles with paranoid schizophrenia, but I also have an Axis I psychiatric disorder and I will never use that as an excuse for antisocial behavior. My primary points are that I agree with Lynn's post, and movies such as Donnie Darko challenge us to increase our ability to properly filter stimuli through maintaining at least some shred of respect and love for even the most despicable people.

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