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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Wow, I missed quite a few posts.

To my responders:
The experiences of others does not defend YOUR training or use of aikido. If somene else gets into a fight and uses aikido effectively to defend themselves does not entitle you to lay claim that your aikido and your training methodoligies can save YOU. And yet you continure to prove my point by referencing others and not yourself as proof of your martial effectiveness.

For Example:
Barry Bonds plays baseball. I play baseball. Therefore I can hit homeruns all day long. Using this analogy makes it quite obvious how the 'my master, some guy, could kill 100 men' statement is irrelevant when talking about oneself. In fact, I do not train like barry bonds or take performance enhancing drugs so therefore i DO NOT hit homeruns like barry bonds. I doubt many people train with the rigor of these older early gernation aikidoka and that is fine. Most people do not have the time, desire or will to train that hard (me being one of them). But you cannot take someone else's life and give yourself credit by analogy. Sorry, you just can't.

Similarly, I do not believe sensei should brainwash their students into thinking that the students can absorb all of their wisdom and experience and ability just by watching and practicing dead drills.

All of my critiques are not aikido specific nor do I believe all aikido is like this. I just want to make that clear. I just think each person has to be honest with themselves as to their ability and not try to inflate their ego or hide behind the acts of others. I would think that is something almost all of us could agree onl

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