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Almost everyone I know has gone throught the same kind of frustration and anxiety when they start aikido. Basically, aikido, because its movements and techniques are so precise, can be one of the most difficult martial arts to learn. I remember one of my sempai telling me the story about how one of O Sensei's oldest and most senior students, Kisaburo Osawa Sensei, shortly before his passing saying something like "I think I am just now starting to understand kokyunage." I would encourage you to talk to some of your dojo's sempai (senior students) about your feelings. My guess is you'll get alot of the same kind of feedback as in this thread - but in person. Don't worry, everybody is a beginner at least once. Be assured that as long as you continue to train diligently, you WILL get better; even if it's hard to tell from time to time.
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