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Originally posted by giriasis
... what of folks who are not? Is that "aikido" although if you walked into the dojo you will see them doing some techniques that look like aikido (especially to the untrained eye)? I'm talking about people who appear and present themselves to be connected to someone but in reality they are not. (Yes, this is a real group and comes from personal

Hey Ann,

Yeah, that happens. Sad fact. There's a lot of that in any area of the martial arts, too.

How can we combat it? Well, we can't, head-on. Unless we wanna go back to the bad old days and start dojo arashi again. That tends to be frowned upon by modenr authorities, I suspect.

However, if we do our research, encourage folks who contact us to do theirs, provide honest open forums (like this on an dlike aikido-l and e-budo and others), we can make a dent.

I'm one of the first to admit and profes that what I teach ain't for everyone. I've been known to turn away or discourage applicants. But I DO offer my assistance in helping find them a place to train that wil suit their needs.

Does unknown or no lineage = not aikido?

Sigh. Here again. Hard to say without more detail. Probably ... no.

But who knows? Maybe there's SOMETHING there. Sometimes, the only answer is to get on the mat, train with the folks and see what they're really about.


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