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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Good point Don.

I thought about this alot this morning. I too used to think that competition was a dirty word. That was until I found schools and methodologies that had the right balance.

There are many Karate, TKD, and Judo schools, clubs, McDojos out there that do not practice correctly IMO. They have watered down the art so much that it cannot go back to being very sound in principle so you get alot of kicks, punches, kiai, but not alot of effectiveness.

From this standpoint, competition could be judged as being detrimental.

I would also say that complete lack of competition, or aliveness also kills many of the so-called budo practices. When I say competition, it does not mean you concentrate on point sparring etc necessarily, just some sort of measure of ability in a non-compliant situation.

I think once you have experienced good training in a good methodology that has the right changes your perspective on competition.

At least it changed my perspective.
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