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Re: Re: Naming thread and Newlyweds...

Originally posted by Peter Goldsbury

I don't think I ever said it did, but it helps. Are we disagreeing?
Nah, I don't think so. I'm not a big semantics picker and I don't say I know someone until I HAVE sweated with them on the mat. And had a pint after. ;-)
Lineage is important, certainly, however, in many cases it's in that huge icky grey area where it's up to the individual to decide on the character and history they want from their teacher.
You're right *there*, and you've got some superb connections, but over here in the States we are faced with a baffling array of marketing and copycat schemes.
One of the things I do is learn my potential instructor's lineage, and run like the devil if they are offended that I ask.
Once I have learnt the lineage, I then scrutinize the character of the instructor and students.

I know what I can tolerate in an instructor and what I cannot. Only I can judge that.
Some students of shihan I could not deal with. That's my problem and I won't bring it to them. Others I am deeply fond of, and would follow. Some renegades I like very much.

What I fear most is the closed mind. I can respect someone who is vested in a system, has given themselves to it and receives much from it.

I've moved around a lot, mostly by necessity of my demanding, truth-seeking nature. It hasn't always been pleasant or easy, but it's been a lot of fun.

I still seek what the Founder sought, following his path in my own way. And that is how I understood his directive.

Others may understand it differently, and I treasure that in them, and respect it profoundly.

At least, I try. ;-D


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