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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Ted Ehara wrote:
In modern sports you train physically to win a competition. In budo you train physically and spiritually for self-improvement. These are two different things.
Agreed 100%!!!

Moreover, I keep reading in this thread about efficiency and fighting and brawls and eye gougings and kicks in the nuts. That was exactly what I was trying to run away from when I joined aikido. I do not care if aikido is effective in a street fight or not, I do not do this kind of primitive behaviour. The only fights I have are with my boss and my staff at work, and with my other half at home. Aikido has helped me a lot in redirecting their energy to get ultimately what I want. For the ones who keep on dreaming about fights and kicking ass, well, hope you will wake up some day and do something useful in your lives. (Unless this is what u do for a living :-)))))

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