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Love, Ego, and Learning

To enhance learning capabilities:

-Maximize love
Learning is possible on such a higher level when I feel love for the one imparting teachings. This is because I can associate those teachings with the good feelings I have for the person. Highly ignorant people can say and do perfectly correct things along with their nonsense. My filter works better the more I love these people. Much, much, much easier said than done therefore a trade-off exists.

-Minimize ego
Learning is possible on such a higher level when I humble myself sufficiently. If I already know it all, why would I need to learn? I may still pick up on things subconsciously when self-absorbed, but I would associate what I've gathered with looking down upon the teacher. How can I truly learn from someone or something I don't respect? There's a trade-off here as well: ego, arrogance, and self-absorption, which are almost one and the same, do create a comfort zone. But it is only a comfortable complacency.

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