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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Joseph Connolly wrote:
All these quotes from old aikido masters and anecdote after anecdote, especially the 'assumptions' one, make me realize even more that the art form is full of people with delusions. Unable to defend their own opinion or training they seek to disparage others.

For me, i have been hit. I know what it feels like. I can tell when someone else is going to hit me since the body moves in certain ways. I know what I am capable of doing in terms of reactions times and flexibility. From judo I know how to instinctively fall in the correct manner as to now smash my head on the ground.
You haf dishonor my master (well, errr... actually my master's master)... you now shall face me in a fight to death. Fear my SHOMEN-ATE of DOOM (TM)! j/k

Wrt Shioda Kancho's statement about competition, you just have to read the entire chapter to see his point of view or the context he is coming from.


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