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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Lyle Bogin wrote:
Sport has been the western budo since the time of the greeks, don't you think?

Military arts have been practiced in the west, but that doesn't make them budo. Military arts have been practiced in the east, but that doesn't make them budo.

One of the first martial arts group to exist are the Shaolin monks of China. They began to study military arts thanks to Bodhidarma or "Tamo" an itinerant monk from India who is believed to have introduced Buddhism to China. According to legend, he taught the monks military exercises because they needed to build up their bodies to practice seated meditation. If they had aerobics or calisthenics he might have used those exercises. As it was, the only physical exercises available were military ones.

Studying a military art whether it's wrestling, ju-jutsu or savate is different than doing budo. Generally there is a spiritual or psychological component to the art as well as a physical one. This was mainly done through practices like meditation and breathing exercises.

The term "dojo" comes from the meditation training halls used in zen. After practicing meditation, the warriors would bring out their weapons and practice their military arts. Generally you don't see this spiritual component in modern sports.

Does budo have competition? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Like Olympic judo, it can become the tail that wags the dog. In aikido it shows up in some styles and not others. However competition itself does not make the activity a sport.

In modern sports you train physically to win a competition. In budo you train physically and spiritually for self-improvement. These are two different things.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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