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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Joseph Connolly wrote:
The most ridiculous quote of the day goes to:

As opposed to aikido?

In my judo classes I would call most of what we do 'effective'. We also do a fair amount of newaza and have an entire night dedicated solely to newaza randoori. You can quote whoever about whatever, it does not excuse poor training and weak technique.

Joseph Connolly wrote:
Some people are just in denial.
All these quotes from old aikido masters and anecdote after anecdote, especially the 'assumptions' one, make me realize even more that the art form is full of people with delusions. Unable to defend their own opinion or training they seek to disparage others.
Might I suggest that you read Shioda'a Aikido Shugyo before you dismiss his comments out of hand? He had numerous real life encounters in which he demonstrated the effectiveness of his aikido. He also happened to be dan ranked in both Kendo and Judo prior to beginning his study of Aikido. Maybe just maybe he has some basis for his comments. You may choose to disagree with his position on Judo's effectiveness, but don't dismiss him as some old aikido master.



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