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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Agreed Joseph. we really get ourselves in a bind when we use the word EFFECTIVE don't we?

To me, at least when you say effective, it means physically martially effective.

You have opened up a whole other can of worms once you go down this path.

One in which I do not think the so-called budo arts especially, really adequately prepare their students to be physcially martially effective.

correct posture, principle, technique, and practice, is all good and may translate to reality, but that does not mean it equals reality or effectiveness.

I just wrote a thesis paper on the military decision making process....part of one of my points on choosing courses of actions and decision making in the military is that we sometimes get caught up in making the most efficient decision based on cost, or over all percieved efficiency, with very, very detailed analysis. This is done at the expense of time.

Sometimes you simply need a plan that works, not the best one, or the most efficient..simply one that does the job!

Martially Effective works the same way, we don't always need the BEST solution or the most principally sound one...but one that works. word...with sooo, sooo much meaning and implications behind it.
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