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Re: Sport is the new Budo


When I prepared for the European's over the past two months, I had to spend time playing to the BJJ rules and reminding myself that I could not do leg locks, and a few other things like put two hands on the belt etc.

When I got to the tournament I saw a ton of people jumping guard. I asked my instructor, Jacare about this as I do not condone jumping guard in practice, he said, it was valid if you have a good guard game.

I found out in my second fight in the open why you want to do this in competition when I fought my opponent who would not fight me for the take down for about 3.5 minutes of a 5 minute round. The ref stopped the fight and said we had to I did, shot, he sprawled, eventually I rolled to guard, and he the points for the pass and one the fight.

In retrospect, I could have won the fight if I would have done several things that were in the spirit of the game...not reality...however, I do not train BJJ this way.

As far as leg locks go...I saw why you do not do them in BJJ at the lower belts. No less than five guys were carried off the mat on stretcher due to leg locks.

In the BJJ schools I am in...we don't practice for the game/comptetion, but for reality. We augment our training to do well in tournaments, however that is not the purpose of us going to solely play the game to win.

My local German Judo school: I don't train with them, because like you said, they have watered down so much of what they do, I cannot begin to even train with proper ettiquette with them as it scare them when I do things sometimes, and I cringe when they do some of the things they do in the name of sport....AND they do not know the difference! that is what is scary.
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