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Re: Sport is the new Budo

LOL Bud, sorry about that! Yeah it does put the Kimura into a whole nuther perspective and makes you think about that other hand. You see guys that are proficient at grappling become a fish out of water.

What is nice about the taser is the immediate feedback. With plastic, rubber, or wooden knifes, there simply is not enough feedback for the guy being stabbed to react appropriately, however the taser provides good feedback via the temporary and sudden pain.

We found the same issue in training with blanks and MILES lasers with weapons. MILES is accurate and provides feedback, but without real bullets soldiers simply ignore suppressive fire, or don't realize they have effective fires being placed on it becomes all or none...either they are alive or dead.

Once we got simunitions (plastic bullets) into the mix, it changes how someone being shot at reacts dramatically!

Even with projectile weapons training...there are varying degrees of aliveness!

Anyway, this gets off subject! so I will leave it alone now.
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