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Re: Ukemi and Kokyu

Hi Bud
Do me one favour will ya. I've said over and over that no one is unstoppable. That said when I use terms like unthrowable, unlockable, it just seems easier to say. I really mean extremely-difficult-to-throw for normal skilled martial artists. Now there's a mouthful. In truth the power is different from the norm. And against conventional martial artists "unthrowable" and "unlockable" just may be the workable definition. I know who I'd place my money on. But the real test is with guys with internal skills themselves. Then it becomes a test of if you can or cannot get moved, or get poped up, down or to the side, or actually "lose your feet" thrown. Again, back to conventional guys it's rather easy to give them power and then not give them anything to use to throw you. You get better as you get older if you keep training. Its not about technical skills and counters. My falling skills are fine, Dave. You can try making me have to use them if we hookup. I promise you two things You will feel something different, and we'll have allot of laughs. And beers are on me

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