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Re: Ukemi and Kokyu

Dan Harden wrote:
Levels of Kokyu are demonstrable as levels of power.
Not as ways to fall down
I gotta hit the hay.. I'm out
I had to drop off about 11:30 due to an 8:00 AM conference call from home. But it was already 12:30 your time and you kept going!

But again, my point is that it takes proper power to take a fall safely--kokyu power in specific. And I'm not talking dive monkey stuff, but what you have to do when someone well above your level puts you down.

I mentioned Mifune last night, but later I remembered this Japanese policeman I met at a taiho jutsu competition (where I was a spectator). This guy was huge for a Japanese--tall, but no fat on him. He was straight as a board and moved very fluidly. He had the kind of eyes that look through you without harshness--just a pure kind of person. I think he was 7th dan in judo. I guess he was over six feet tall and maybe 220, but had an overall presence that stands out in my memory even from all the spectacular people I met over there. If Mike is correct that there is a sliding scale, this guy must have been on the high side.

Not to say you personally, but I've never met the greatest in the world whom no one could throw. I don't know how that works, but it seems there's always someone a little better. And even monkies fall from trees...

So it seems to me that kokyu is not only trainable through ukemi waza, but sometimes needed in a fall.



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