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Bruce Baker
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inheritors of Aikido?

We can hash over the many intricaces of history and who did this and who did that, but what I want to know is ... are we getting the same quality training from either family handed down arts, or from those who have trained with inheritors and pass it down?

That all depends on if you know what you are talking about?

If you never leave your house, or block, or neighborhood ... how do you know there is a bigger world with other things? Because you see things in a store, doesn't mean you understand what they are or what they do?

On the other hand, some of the greatest teachers took from other arts, and created their own style of arts. If you can live a healthy, happy, long life, be it with martial arts or without ... isn't that the whole purpose of learning any art?

Get back on track, children. You need to focus on the purpose martial arts was created for ... to kill ... and the fact that Aikido was changed to polish the spirit and benefit human beings!

In Japanese culture the importance of tracing a lineage, unbroken, back to the kings from the sky is different from the chinese lineage of divine lineage which changes like most cultures with history and progress. Many times, even in aikido, some of the brightest and best teachers are those who question and search for the answers without giving in to those who tell them there are no answers.

If your teacher continues to learn, to question, to explore, and admit to mistakes or lack of knowledge, that is the thirst you need to get when you practice or search for answers!

Check your history, but you will find that most of the higher ranks are not concerned about lineage, even though they respect it? They are concerned about their own quest for knowledge, and making their lives better with their practice.

Hey, life is tough enough to get to my age without major injury from training, or without having to explain every little detail? Say your prayers, give thanks to those who came before us for their sacrifices, and be glad we can play at Aikido instead of using it to kill? Its a lot more fun to play with the other children, isn't it?
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