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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Joshua wrote:

Honestly, how much is it competition instilling the warrior ethos, versus the entire Army training and indoctrination program?
You bring up some good points. You are correct, the Army has a full spectrum of training that would balance out things, so competition is but one piece of a big picture.

However, I think we are addressing the basic argument that competition as it relates to budo, and that it can be a part of it.

If your total focus is sport and winning, well i'd say you are not practicing budo. Can there be room in Judo or other arts for both....I think so, it is all a state of mind or perspective, and how you train.

I train primarily for Budo and reality, however, what I do can very quickly and rapidly be adjusted for sport.

It does not take much smarts or skill to figure out and transition from sport to reality. People have the basic brains to be able to do this for the most part.

There are those that are delusional though for sure.
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