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Re: Sport is the new Budo

For the sake of discussion I'd like to point folks to this thread on Aikiweb where we also discussed the question of "competition in Aikido" at some point.

This post by Peter Goldsbury gives an indication of the Founder and his son's feelings on sport and competition
Sports are games and pastimes that do not involve the spirit. They are competitions only between physical bodies and not between souls. Thus, they are competitionsmerely for the sake of pleasure.

The Japanese martial arts are a competition in in how we can express and realise love that unites and protects everything in harmony and helps this world to prosper.
The entire entry can be found here -

In regard to the above quote and attached thread I would like to refer to my initial post in this thread. I think a big problem with how folks relate Sport and Budo stem from how people generally perceive and define both Sport and Budo.

For example, to say that sports are games and pastimes that do not involve the spirit may be very incorrect when you look at the training mindset of many Olympic level sportspersons or others who compete at the highest level of their game. The same warior spirit required for budo is found in those who take their sport very seriously imho. So outside of how we personally perceive and define the 2 things, what is the real difference based on objective evaluation?

Just a few more thoughts.

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