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Re: Ukemi and Kokyu

Dan Harden wrote:
Once again David your missing the point.
We are saying
1. Kokyu training is not Ukemi
In the omote, it's not. But the ura of that is ukemi. And again, the thrust of my point is that when you "do" do ukemi, it "must" contain kokyu. So you can learn the essence of kokyu through doing ukemi--either with a partner or solo--and then apply that skill in standing, without falling down.

Dan Harden wrote:
Sutemi ain't kokyu.
Aiki sutemi uses kokyu, just like any aiki nage waza.

Dan Harden wrote:
Its good jujutsu. And it can be stopped dead in its tracks. Read Ignatious post about men hanging off him.
I know about that. In Japan, I had a guy try kani basami on my neck. He wound up hanging from my neck by his feet. Mochizuki Sensei was sitting on the couch, laughing like crazy, pointing at that guy hanging upside down from my neck. The whole dojo was cracking up at it. I was just standing there. And I have tried sutemi with absolutely no result. But I've also used sutemi very effectively on occasion. So I have been on both sides. Timing has to be the most important element, for sure.

Dan Harden wrote:
Thus Kokyu training is different than Ukemi
Get it?
I'm not saying you have to agree. But my gosh man get the argument right so we can fight
I just think it's "all" kokyu training, if you do it right.



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