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Re: Ukemi and Kokyu

Once again David your missing the point.
We are saying
1. Kokyu training is not Ukemi
2. Yes, knowing how to take a throw (as -in-ukemi) is good to know
We are not arguing with you there. Just stating its different training
3. Having good Kokyu skills (its actually more complex than just that) greatly diminishes your need to ever fall down, even from experts who may get you and bounce you or move you, they will have a more difficult time making you "have" to fall.
Sutemi ain't kokyu. Its good jujutsu. And it can be stopped dead in its tracks. Read Ignatious post about men hanging off him. BTDT
I'm not going to say who can throw me or not. I've had some rather interesting and memorable experiences, even humorous. What I am telling you is it will get much more difficult to be thrown and it will take much better men to do so.And thsats just playing. Add in Punches, kicks and body slams and it is a whole new way to be. So, I'll be the best I can be, you work on you.

So the argument is Ukemi is easy to learn. BTDT.
Kokyu training is different than Ukemi
Get it?
I'm not saying you have to agree. But my gosh man get the argument right so we can fight kidding
Cheers anyway Bud

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