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Originally posted by ronin_10562
Does that mean the term Aikido was used as a generic term and that Ueshiba did not invent the name?
Speaking broadly, yes. That's what I interpret that as saying.

However, over the years, as Peter G and others have cited, the Ueshiba lineage has taken the name to mean the distinctive budo taught by Ueshiba. And, generally speaking (look at Kleenex and Band-Aid) the name has, in popular use, become associated with Ueshiba's art.

I know of a couple of other systems, though, who use the term and have, indeed, heard it pop up in Daito Ryu circles as well.

Personally, I think 'aikido' is too broad a term for Ueshiba's lineage. I don't see anything wrong with 'Ueshiba Ryu Aikido' since it is his creation his family retains (in the main line at least) stewardship of the ryuha.

Tyen of course, we'd have to talk about the 'Tomiki-ha Ueshiba Ryu' of the Shodokan and 'Shioda-ha Ueshiba Ryu' of the Yoshinkan ...

Gets a bit unwieldy, I suppose.

Does that mean, Walt, that your folks (Nihon Goshin Aikido) ought not use the word 'aikido'? Nope. I'd just want to make sure anyone coming into the dojo knew it wasn't Ueshiba-ha aikido so there'd be no confusion.


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