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Re: Ukemi and Kokyu

Dan Harden wrote:
but all we've ever really discusses on these boards is the first step.
That's all I'm talking about.... first steps... tiny baby ones...

Its rather fun to push and shove-say with a good jujutsu guy and as he tries to add to the force (either by pulling or pushing me) or vector and press you he finds there's nothing there to play with and he is getting played.
I don't know what "good" means. Heck, I'm not even THAT good. My experience with playing with jujitsuka is very limited, but boy was it fun to have them pull, push and shove and not be able to move or lock me. I had one black belt literally hanging off me trying to take me into his guard - with me still standing... Actually, that was a BAD example.... that's how I tore the medial meniscus... which was my fault entirely

But the end result of all the training being your body feels heavy as hell, you can feel very soft and ghosty while moving and rolling or fast and hard-and rather like hard rubber coated steel... all the while you're relaxed and feeling, listening and moving.
Learning this by falling down? Baloney.
I agree, not by falling down or rolling out... but by literally taking ukemi...

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