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Hi Ignatious
I agree but all we've ever really discussed on these boards is the first step. The game is more fun when either person can apply force without it being dedication-of-balance force. Oddly that one way to do that is actually in the weight transfer exercises. Even in the rowing exercise (we have our own method for this that is applicable to grappling and striking) a key element is how to manage say-using the upper center to apply weight yet your not losing balance. Same with horizontal transfer. There is a built-in stop there for a reason. Doing these exercises within-the-bones creates a very hard sharp hit feel that is soooo relaxed in the frame and very hard to unbalance. Its rather fun to push and shove-say with a good jujutsu guy and as he tries to add to the force (either by pulling or pushing me) or vector and press you he finds there's nothing there to play with and he is getting played.
Rob and I discussed some aspects of this in one of the training threads. There are ways to manipulate connections in men. And men who have trained in internal skills DO NOT respond to those manipulations in the same way that regularly trained fighters do. They can say they do. Fine by me. But they don't.
So one aspect of these skills is the rather basic absorption of power. But while it remains profound and beyond many people (really just because they haven't pursued it), it is really just step one. There are so many ways to engage and play using various elements. And oh the many ways you can screw it up. But the end result of all the training being your body feels heavy as hell, you can feel very soft and ghosty while moving and rolling or fast and hard-and rather like hard rubber coated steel... all the while you're relaxed and feeling, listening and moving.
Learning this by falling down? Baloney.

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