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Re: Sport is the new Budo


Honestly, how much is it competition instilling the warrior ethos, versus the entire Army training and indoctrination program?

Let me put it this way. Many bemoan the "sportification" of judo, and feel it turned a viable budo into simply just a sport, a game with rules, and that the "character-building" aspects of judo are then no greater than, say, the character building aspects of baseball. I don't know if I would make this argument, but let's assume it is true for the moment. Compared to that, the Army's CQC is not simply a martial art that uses competition, it is rather a small part of a sogo budo, a comprehensive martial art system, that includes weapons, tactics, and strategy. The Army can afford to play up the competition aspect of the training because a) there is a strict rank based hierarchy to keep egos relatively in check (being the heavyweight champion of the tournament doesn't change your place in the pecking order), and b) there is a HUGE focus on the practical application of these techniques (and others) to neutralize an enemy. In a sense, it's almost impossible for any amount of sport competition in the Army to degenerate it's "budo", if you will, since the practioners are constantly trained for and (these days particularly) put into actual life or death situations. I don't know if you can isolate the CQC from the indoctrination and training the Army achieves in more breadth and depth than any other martial art.

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