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Re: Sport is the new Budo

I will take a well trained MMA sport fighter who has rules and put him up against any aikido purist almost any day of the week in a street fight and put my money on the MMA sport fighter...with ""no rules'".

all things you really think you could beat Tito Ortiz? ...or any of our aikido sensei???

Sure it is possible to gain the element of suprise any day of the week, or to pull a gun, or have your buddies join in. knife someone from behind. These things do happen in real life. Does aikido really prepare you do deal with these things. I think not, they are all equal things that apply to any real situation and cancel out pretty much any empty hand training.

That is why I say all things equal.

Aikido does not equal budo, there are aikidoka that are budoka though. I have met plenty of aikidoka that do not understand budo at all.
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