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Re: Sport is the new Budo

James Wilson wrote:
Dominic C; How can Budo not involve competition? Is this dependant on your interpretation of competition? Obviously everyone from Miyamoto Musashi to O Sensei and beyond have competed whether it be in a sword fight to the death or throwing a judo player to see who should study at whos dojo. Surely the very definition of a warrior (bushi) implies someone who fights and therefore competes?
In my eyes, competition is not fighting.
A street fight has no rules, no limits noting.
A competition has all of these. There and time limits, move limits, certain things can and can not be done etc. If you train to compete you are not training to fight.

This to me is the difference between sport and budo.
Boxing is a sport
Aikido is budo (except the style you practice, which i consider a sport)

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