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Aiki Liu
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Re: Sport is the new Budo Mike, tell me, have you reached this "enlightened striking" stage yet where, erm, no one hits each other...? And it must be quite difficult throwing someone wearing a suit of armour and goggles......Good to also see that enlightened striking is also practiced by not hitting each other very hard and yet at the same time having the knowledge you could deliver a "crippling strike" at any moment.
Your assertion that boxing was made for the enjoyment of sadists is both base and incorrect. Since man walked on two feet weve been fist fighting. Its simply been refined to a point where we can now enjoy it as a spectator sport. Nobody saw a gap in the market and "invented" boxing. How then does boxing appeal to sadists? Boxing is an art every bit as much as aikido and the fact that you fail to see this strikes me as interesting.
Michael G, Im not suggesting theres anything "wrong" with aikido at all. Im wondering about aikidos "evolution". We dont have to ride the sports wave at all. Im simply for it but that doesnt mean theres anything "wrong" with aiki.
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