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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Boxing does not blend well with aikido because pro boxing, by it's very nature( stances, postures, and manner of striking) was designed to entertain sadists (Olympic style boxing looks like fencing which is not a popular spectator sport). Both pro boxers hitting each other simultaneously is common(world champions and top ten ranked fighters included), as is ai uchi in kendo(as it was in duels).In order to understand aikido it is necessary to truely understand striking and attacking with a deadly weapon in an enlightened way.Only when both participants can attack each other at the same time, without a designated uke and nage, without either one ever being able to make contact with a strike or clinch and take the other to the ground can the realistic practice of aikido throws begin. Granted the vast majority of those teaching aikido(direct students of the founder included) are not able to do this. At this level it becomes pointless to be the attacker(although there are ways to safely "pass someone" without attacking in order to get out of the middle of a group of attackers,if he attacks you are able to strike or throw) which makes sparring or a sporting aspect irrelevant. The only way to get to this level is by sparring ironically, but not boxing sparring! I recommend as much armor as possible for weapons sparring and goggles and a cup for empty hand sparring. It is basically point sparring, if you get hit on the wrist or in the face with boken or jo, stop, because you would if you weren't wearing any armor. If you get kicked in the groin, have fingers thrust into your eyes than stop, because if you weren't wearing a cup and eye protection you would.This is something that has been proven by mma guys and boxers even though they wear gloves and groin protection. The thing is you don't have to hit as hard as they do( it is actually impossible to reach this enlightened level of striking I mentioned earlier if you do) so no real risk of injury. Once nobody can hit anybody else watch how the aikido throws practically happen by themselves! The only way uke can resist is by opening himself up for a crippling strike. By never offering any opening for a strike uke makes it impossible for himself to resist a throw. It is a matter of uke choosing to do a harmless roll instead of being hit with devastating blow. Interesting side effects are that breakfalls disappear from practice(it is easy to finish someone off with a kick after they have been slammed into the ground and are just laying there,even if it is just for a second) it also becomes impossible to do any of the pins, because you can break an arm or finish someone off with a strike from that position.
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