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Re: Sport is the new Budo

The bar thing was a hypothetical situation gents. I simply meant Id rather have aiki that works but might be rough round the edges than great kata but still get knocked out in a fight.
Edward Im very interested in your statement that you train "with full intent and honesty". What is your intent when you attack then? To kill or maim your opponent? To touch him? What do you mean by this "full intent". In randori, it is very easy for uke to have "full intent" to tag tori with the tanto and very easy for him to also have "full intent" to stay upright and I think sport furthers both these intents.
Why do you not believe in sparring?
And what is the relevance of the karate and taekwondo teachers who do not spar?
Kevin, I do not believe the sole purpose of aikido is self defence either. As stated in my OP, its a sport that can give you the edge in a fight.

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