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Re: Sport is the new Budo

I believe if it were indeed true that if the sole motivation of aikido were self defense...then we'd have a whole other dynamic going on in the art than what we commonly do.

No, there is much more to it than that.

It is understanding the nature and spectrum of conflict. We use various attacks and situations to understand it.

Commonly we look at uke only as a tool for nage and draw the conclusion that nage is the one doing the aikido to nage who is only attacking...and that attack is external to aikido.

I think that in order to understand aikido and the nature of conflict that it is important to understand fighting, maybe not from a reality standpoint, but at a core level.

We get into big trouble, as I discuss in my post above, when we try and transpose the methodology parochially, literally, and fundamentally to reality.

Aikido won't leave you unconscious outside a bar....usually there is a direct correalation to the amount of alcohol that you consumed in the bar that set things in motion that lead to your subsequent unconsciousness. So if we are going to transpose and apply a prior events, this event, not your aikido training probably had more to do with that.

I think it is a false correalation to form this attachment to aikido and transpose it.
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