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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Great posts guys.
Ill try and answer a few points and ask a few of my own questions...
Dominic C; How can Budo not involve competition? Is this dependant on your interpretation of competition? Obviously everyone from Miyamoto Musashi to O Sensei and beyond have competed whether it be in a sword fight to the death or throwing a judo player to see who should study at whos dojo. Surely the very definition of a warrior (bushi) implies someone who fights and therefore competes?
Larry; excellent post, thanks very much for your thoughts. Your honesty and mixing of the martial and sports is exactly what Im talking about. I slightly disagree about the tanto strikes being realistic - I see them just as a means of bringing uke and tori into "play". But very insightful posts, thankyou.
Robert R; by "advert" I didnt mean literally obviously, I meant the image that we give people of Aikido - both in and out of the martial arts world. I do have my own part-time dojo and were doing well thanks but Im interested in what other people think of these changes towards a more sporting attitude and if they conflict with the ideas we hold about Budo. I (obviously) cross train but Id like to think we (aikido) can offer more than just the one path to those who for whatever reason are unable or unwilling to train in more than one art.
Edward; Anyone who has full intent to harm you will have obviously prepared for retaliation. Anyone who thinks they can attack you without getting something back is either delusional or has a wicked first punch. Thanks for your advice that I should do MMA but as I mentioned in my first post, Im very happy with Aikido thanks because unlike some people, I know that it DOES work in the situations that you say its "not designed for". Id rather have Aikido that "isnt very beautiful" but works, than beautiful Aikido that leaves me unconscious outside a pub. Your assertion that Aikido "isnt a fighting art" is incorrect and annoying. At my boxing gym we have lots of people who come just to train for fitness etc and never spar or fight in the ring. This is absolutely fine and they get no grief about it whatsoever. However what those people DONT do is go around telling everyone they meet and posting on the internet that boxing "isnt a fighting art - its just for cardiovascular fitness". If you want to train for spiritual development or whatever that is absolutely fine and I wish you the best of luck, but for those of us who DO take it seriously as a fighting system (or one that can be used to that ends) and train with that in mind your comments are a gross disservice.
David S; Whilst the tanto attack in Shodokan Aikido isnt particularly realistic I view it as just a way to initiate the contact. Many fights Ive been in, seen etc will end up in close and "wrestling" for want of a better word. This is where the Shodokan system, like Judo, should enable you to overbalance your attacker - whether hes resisting or not and use that resistance to your advantage.
James D; Great post - thanks. Im not thinking of giving up Aikido at all, I love Aikido! I just wonder if it could benefit from a more sporting outlook in general.

Very interesting discussion so far. Id be very interested if anyone else thinks they have a clearer distinction between sport and budo?

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