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I know I am going to get in trouble for this...

Originally posted by Tom
As a begginer I find it very hard to differenciate betweeen techniques. Each session I attend they seem to use something different every time, the I forget it instantly.

Of course you cannot differentiate between techniques. That is like asking someone to tell the difference between "Pines of Rome" and "Beethoven's 5th". You just started learning there was something called "classical music". Unfortunately, everyone else in this post has told you, you must be a concert goer before you can become a good musician. I don't agree. And equally unfortunate, is that most teachers show concert level material and expect beginners to follow along, when they haven't learned scales yet.
I do think there is a "peg" on which to hang the "simple structure" of technique, and it is principle. Technique is determined by principle, but principle is not determined by technique. If your teacher shows you chord progression, correct metering, etc. then you should be relatively good at scales within a couple of years. You could play in the high school band. If you learn to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (or anything else) through rote, the closest you will ever get to a symphony pit will depend on how much you spend on tickets.
Some tips? This is a forum, not a beginner's class.

Jim Vance
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