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Bruce Baker
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Hidden secrets/ Dear chuck

Dear Chuck,

Obviously, you have taken the moral highground with doing your homework.

Do yourself a favor, Go to a Dillman pressure point seminar and tell me you can't knock out someone with pressure points, sound, or KI?

Study these things, do these things ... as I have done and I am doing now ... then tell me if I was smoke and mist?

Our world is so full of impossible things of not many years ago because someone wanted to know why something worked a different way?

Get with the program. Before you comment on something, study it, question it, learn all you can about it, then you can make judgements.

Dillman pressure point, is not the purest of sources, but Master George Dillman is learning from the Okinawan source of Eastern Martial Arts, not the watered down art brought back by American servicemen? Study Chin-Na, Jwing-Ming Yang has a good series of learning for this. When you have disproven all this by doing as much as you can, then you will begin to see what has been hidden.

Most people do a very nice Kata, but don't truly understand what it means? There are no blocks in Kata. They were meant to kill with every move. We don't want our children killing everyone they meet, so guess what?

Aikido does not kill, but what are the hidden meanings? Pressure points.

Do your research, then get back to me.
Until then, stop spreading tall tales.
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