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Bruce Baker
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Hidden techniques of Aikido

I see a lot of posturing about the different types of AIKIDO and the different effectiveness of styles? You all miss the point. Aikido in the synthesis of many arts by O'Sensei. His contribution included the study of many arts, and the final results, for us, was Aikido. Have any of you looked into Pressure Points? Use of Chi/Ki with the positive and negative effects found in Aikido? Or even the use of sounds to draw upon the power of the universe itself? NO? Then you have studied the western way. Once you understand these things, then you will begin to see the secrets O'Sensei left to us in this art! If you want to yell like children immitating what they have seen without understanding why, have fun. If you want to learn, you must study pressure points, Chi/Ki, and the sounds of elements to start on the road O'Sensei began for us?
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