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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Kevin Smith wrote:
These Shodokan/Tomiki guys are the probably the only ones who actually show any fighting ability so people should respect them for that. I
Hmmm... from what I've seen, I'm not sure that the Shodokan system is particularly focused on yer actual fighting - although I've only been at it for about 18 months so I'll happily be contradicted on this. The main attacks we train against are wrist grabs and straight tanto strikes from distance - if I was directly interested in fighting I'd probably want to be training with a lot more punches and kicks. Although I guess having trained techniques against a resisting opponent doing an unrealistic attack gives you a good start if you subsequently want to train to do them against a resisting opponent doing a realistic attack.

From my point of view, what I learn from shiai tanto randori is a kind of intuitive understanding of how and when certain principles can be applied, if that makes any sense. To me, trying to learn this without full resistance of some sort would be like trying to do physics research by running simulations of experiments rather than by actually doing the experiments.

And Edward - yeah, it's not pretty most of the time. I spend FAR too much time sweating and grunting and wrestling. But identifying that and trying to improve my timing and my technique so that eventually I can pull off a beautiful relaxed effortless technique on a resisting opponent is sort of what it's about.
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