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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Kevin Smith wrote:
It seems that you view Aikido as more of a dance than a martial art. Well if you want to have zero fighting ability that's your problem.
But don't put down people who actually practice Aikido as a martial art and are actually able to defend themselves if they could. You know even Tai Chi was originally a fighting art so it would be equally silly to say that Tai Chi is only for relation etc. These Shodokan/Tomiki guys are the probably the only ones who actually show any fighting ability so people should respect them for that. I
Well, Osensei's Aikido, and Takeda's Daito Ruy forbid sparring. I don't think you could say that those two could not defend themselves. It depends on the way you train, not if you spar or not. Shodokan aikido in principle does not actually practice aikido as a martial art, but as a sport. But it all depends on the instructor, I guess.

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