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Re: Sport is the new Budo

Sparring is impossible in Aikido. It is even more impossible between 2 Aikidoists. I have watched and even trained a few times in Shodokan Aikido, and it was pathetic. Aikido is supposed to be between an attacker who is aggressing someone with full intent and not expecting any defense or retaliation, and a defender who is supposed to execute a technique to defend himself from the attack based on surprise. It is not designed for combat or sparring environments. Shodokan puts 2 people against eachother, one attacking but not very skilled in his attack, and who is expecting to be countered by some kind of hand grab, arm lock or throw, and another one who is expecting to be attacked, and expecting the attacker to know that he will defend and in which manner. The result is not very beautiful to see and obviously Aikido techniques have not been designed for such scenario. If you like that, you better do MMA.

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